Frequently Asked Questions

I would prefer to speak to someone over the phone. Do I have to place my order online or can I call?

If you prefer to call us, that's ok with us too. Call us at 1-800-SEND-A-HUG (1-800-736-3248) to speak to one of our Hug Ambassadors.
  • Tell us who needs or deserves a Hug
  • Give us your personal message
  • Give us their address.

Can my gift be sent overnight?

Absolutely, as long as it is not on a weekend. Normally, though, Hugs go out ground delivery by default unless you order one of our faster shipping service methods. More information about shipping is here

Are all your bears the same?

Like all families, our family of bears is truly unique! They may vary in small ways in the way they look, but they never vary in plushness quality and craftsmanship. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there might be times we ship an alternative bear. In most cases, the chosen bear color will remain the same - as will its high quality and plushness that they are renowned for! 

Can gifts carry any message I want or do I have to pick from a pre-selected list?

We print any message you want! Nothing is pre-selected although on some of our gifts we may make suggestions. Regardless, you can always choose a custom message. 

What payment forms do you accept?

Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Paypal 

When will my order be shipped? When will my order arrive?

Please click here for shipping and delivery information. 

Seriously Soft Teddy Bears.

All teddy bears are not created equal. At The Serious Teddy Bear, we’ve sent, squeezed and snuggled a lot of bears with the goal of offering the most luxurious, huggable bear around. From the sweet expressions on their faces to the extremely high quality materials that go into creating each animal, we are proud to offer you the perfect bear to show you care.