The "Bear Hugs Box" by Send-A-Hug!™

The Bear Hugs Box from The Serious Teddy Bear Company and by Send-A-Hug!™

The Hug-Gram  by Send-A-Hug!™, available exclusively from Send-A-Hug, is a wonderful way to show you care for someone - regardless of the reason or occasion. When you can't be there to hug them in person, this is a fantastic alternative.

What comes standard with every Hugs Box?

1) Seven items make up every single "Hug-Gram" Box from Send-A-Hug™ and The Serious Teddy Bear Company:


2) Your own personalized message to the recipient, contained in our very unique Hug-Gram™ 

3) A little black velvet pouch which holds a keepsake stone that says it all: ''Consider yourself Hugged!"

4) A copy of our beloved Hugs poem, printed on heavy card stock paper. See the poem here.

5) A bed of multi-colored confetti.

6) All of the above is contained within our very own exceptionally upscale and beautiful custom-designed black and gray stripe gift box. The gift box is elegant, high quality, and reusable.

7) Last but not least, a high-quality satin gift bow is tastefully wrapped around all sides to finish your Hugs Box with a touch of class.

Add more to your "Hug-Gram" Box!

But it doesn't stop there! You can add lots of other items to your "Hug-Gram" Box that will make it even more special - and personalized for whatever the reason or occasion. Check out our great selection of add-ons. We have a wonderful assortment of heartfelt books, sweets, and accessories that can be securely nestled among all the other terrific standard components of your "Hug-Gram" Box!

Order a "Hug-Gram" Box! Two options:

Hug for a Cure. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to Cancer Research.