A Friday "feel good story"! :-)

A Friday "feel good story"! :-)


Love What Matters

"Aria and I saw this man shopping while we were at Walmart this morning. She stopped him to ask if he was Santa. He said yes and wished her a Merry Christmas as he walked by. Her eyes lit up and she got a huge smile on her face and we continued shopping. A few minutes later, he found us in another aisle and asked if we had a couple minutes to talk. It's Santa, of course we have time to talk!!! He chatted with her a bit...asked her how old she was, her name, what she wanted for Christmas, etc. Then he grabbed some Christmas candy he had put in his basket and gave them to her along with $10 to purchase them. She even had enough extra that she was able to buy a chocolate surprise toy each for her sister and herself, that they've been eyeing by the register every time we go!

Dear Santa,

THANK YOU for keeping the Christmas spirit alive, not only for the kids, but for us all!" ️


Credit: Ana-Marie Sandoval