How the Teddy Bear Got Its Name

In November of 1902, the 26th President of the United States, Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt had an encounter with a Mississippi bear that became the subject of several political cartoons of the day. These cartoons often featured President Roosevelt with a cute bear cub and the words “Spare the Bear”, alluding to the act of mercy that inspired the cartoons.

President Roosevelt’s Teddy Bear sparked toymaker Morris Mitchtom to craft a cuddly plush bear toy which he displayed in his Brooklyn shop along with the original cartoon and a sign naming the bear as “Teddy’s Bear”… a name that stuck!

Teddy Bears soon became a hot trend in American culture, beloved by children and adults alike. President Roosevelt embraced his association with the huggable Teddy Bears, using them as a political mascot in his campaign for re-election.

Serious Teddy Bears

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