At The Serious Teddy Bear Company, we know how important hugs are and we’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting high quality, extra huggable teddy bears so that we can help our customers share the benefits of hugs with their friends and loved ones, even when they are far away. Years of hard work have given The Serious Teddy Bear Company a large portfolio of research demonstrating that teddy bear hugs and Hugs the Teddy Bear have a proven track record of causing great big smiles and frequent feelings of warm-hearted joy. Don’t just take our word for it, though, because scientific studies performed by researchers at major universities have also demonstrated the positive effects of hugs on human health and development!

Hugs and cuddles have been linked to various health benefits such as the reduction of heart disease, improved mental health and stress levels, and even increased longevity. Some studies even suggest that physical touch is an essential ingredient in healthy human development. One of the ways scientists have noted these benefits is by measuring the amount of the hormone oxytocin in people before and after being hugged. Oxytocin has several hearth health benefits, various emotional and mental health benefits, and is sometimes known as the ‘bonding hormone’ or the ‘love hormone’. Studies have shown that oxytocin levels are higher in people after they have been hugged or cuddled.

Our own experience observing how hugs and expressions of caring improve health and mood are what inspired us to name the Serious Teddy Bear Company’s signature teddy bear. Hugs the teddy bear is specially crafted with our guiding principle in mind: from the moment we’re born, we need hugs! Hugs the teddy bear personally delivers your personal Hug-Gram and a copy of the Serious Teddy Bear Company Hugs poem to your special gift recipient. Every Hugs the teddy bear gift is designed to help you spread the benefits of hugs to the people you care for, even when you can’t hug them yourself!

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