Bear Hugs – The Blog post 1



One of the women who works here suggested I run for president. She thinks I’d make a better candidate than any of the contenders now in the race. I’m not interested, thank you anyhow. As a Bear with a Mission I feel it’s far more important for me to stick to my present job of bringing warmth to people all over…people who need a hug, or people whose friends, relatives, or beloveds want to let them them know that they’re thinking about them.

But if I were to run for President, my platform would be Hugs for All! I think a lot of the world’s ills could be cured by more hugging. Just think if the world’s leaders all got together and simply hugged each other…and meant it! Or imagine if the heads of large corporations got more hugs from their friends and family…they’d be in a much better mood and would be less inclined to try to make a huge profit at the consumers’ expense or to send all those jobs offshore.

So here’s my offer: I won’t run for president, but I’m willing to let any candidate who’s sincere about it “borrow” my hugs platform and run with it. And maybe when he (or she) is elected, he’ll create a new cabinet post, Secretary of Warmth, and appoint me to it. There’s nothing like a hug for spreading warmth around. And we all could use a little more warmth in our lives!

Who do you know who could use a hug today?