When the pressure goes up, when your outlook is cloudy, when it’s raining on your prospects, when your relationship turns icy, when you’re in a fog…what do you need? You need a hug. Hugs have cured almost as many ills as chicken soup!

     And when someone else is in a bad place in their head or in their life, they need a hug too. But do you respond, or do you leave it for someone else to do the hugging? If we all leave it for someone else, who’s going to hug that person?

     We can cure so many of the world’s ills with just a simple hug.

     Did I say “simple”? A hug is actually quite complex. Just look at all it can do. It can convey a plethora of messages: “You’re loved.” “I’m here for you.” “I’m sorry about what you’re going through.” “Here’s a little encouragement to get you through a down day.” “You’re important to me.” “You’re special to me.” “I’m happy for you!” “Great news—thanks for sharing!”

     Hugs get people through sad times and boost their joy factor even higher when they’re already “up.” Hugs help lonely people feel less lonely and sorrowing people feel less sorrowful. Hugs bolster courage at times of challenge. Hugs convey so many different messages and accomplish so many different things.

    Good mood, bad mood, happy mood sad mood, puzzled or bedeviled, lonely or worried, a hug conveys so much to another person with just a simple but heartfelt gesture.

     Who do you know who could use a hug today?