You give your kids vitamins to boost their immune systems, but do you give them hugs to boost their self-worth and self-esteem? What about the other people in your family? Do you share hugs with your spouse, your sisters and brothers, your parents? How about your friends? Do you show all these people how important they are to you? Do you demonstrate the warmth you feel for them by hugging them? Hugs are as important as vitamins. Dole them out freely. You can never overdose on hugs!
            You take your kids for their booster shots at the doctor’s, immunizing them against nasty germs, but do you hug them often to immunize them against feeling alone?
            You feed your family healthy food (or earn money so that your spouse can feed them healthy food). You know that vitamins and minerals and proteins are important. But do you see to it that your family gets an ample quantity of hugs? Do you see to it that they feel appreciated, cared-for and cared-about, and loved? Do you realize how far a hug can go in ensuring these important feelings?
            It’s not just kids who need hugs, and it’s not just women. Everybody needs hugs, and everybody can share them around.
            Who do you know who could use a hug today?