Why We Never Outgrow Teddy Bears

My aunt had just phoned me about Mom’s current medical condition. As I set the phone down, my body became numb. I realized how helpless both I and my mother were at that very moment.  Her Alzheimer’s had gotten worse and my aunt wasn’t quite sure if Mom would even remember me by the next time I was able to travel to Florida to see her.  I was being faced with making a choice of keeping my job in New York City (which I had worked very hard to achieve) or giving it up and relocating to be near my mother.

My heart was pounding and I was finding it difficult to breathe.  I grabbed a hold of the back of an arm chair nearby and allowed myself to carelessly fall into it. It was seconds later when I found myself uncontrollably weeping.  Suddenly, I began recalling all of the difficulties I had been facing in the past few years as I entered my 40’s.  Now, on top of a recent divorce and stressful career, I’m having to deal with a seriously ill parent – which just shouldn’t be happening right now!

I quickly tried to ignore my selfish, impulsive concerns and realized “Right now, I just have to do SOMETHING to let my mother know I love her and give her something to hold on to and comfort her until I can be there with her in person”.

I quickly pulled myself out of the chair and headed for the computer.

This was a job for Google!

I began searching online for “get well” baskets and other unique gift ideas.  It was important for me to let my mother know how hard it was for me to not be with her right now.  Even if she didn’t really comprehend words as much as before she became sick – I knew in my heart that “if I were just able to send her a hug she would know everything she needed to know right now”.

Sending flowers seemed so superficial and would only be crowded against a dozen other mindless bouquets flaunting a lonely window.  She wouldn’t notice they were even there.  An easily dismissible Hallmark card would require a nurse to read it aloud to Mom and in her current state – seemed utterly impractical. It was crucial that whatever was sent was not only a thoughtful gift, but one that would continue to let her know how much I cared every single day.

Within just a few search results, I discovered “Hugs”. . . the teddy bear for grown-ups!

To be honest, I would have never thought of the unique gift concept simply on my own.  The idea of teddy bears for adults was the furthest thing from my mind.  However, it was exactly the answer to finding a way to comfort my mother while I couldn’t be with her physically.

According to one of the nurses at Mom’s assisted living center, “Hugs” had reached my mother sooner than expected. Her eyes lit up and she smiled ear to ear as the bear was removed from its charming gift box. And although Mom’s Hug Box also came with a heart-felt “Hug-Gram”  and chocolates, I was told my mother had instantly taken to the bear like a long-lost friend. She keeps him close by or safely tucked in her arms at all times now.

After finishing my phone conversation, I began asking myself why I hadn’t considered a soft, plush teddy bear for my mother on my own. Remembering back to my childhood, memories of comfort and courage flashed back as I recalled holding my teddy bear in my arms tight against my chest. I don’t know if I could have ever gotten used to sleeping in my own room alone after my sister moved out if it weren’t for my teddy.  Or how after a really bad day at school, Teddy was always there waiting to make me feel better.

So why wouldn’t a gift teddy bear be a GREAT way to show someone how much you care?

It seems as most of us pass adolescence, we are trying so hard to become adults that somewhere along the line we lose touch with our ability to enjoy the simpler things in life (especially the unconditional love of a teddy bear).  As we approach adulthood, we are filled with ongoing stress from the moment we leave the nest. By the time most of us reach our 40’s, we are doing everything we can to try to find the peace and comfort we once simply found patiently waiting for us on our bed pillows.

Since discovering the positive effects of sending Hugs teddy bear gift boxes to just about anyone (and learning how the makers of Send-A-Hug give back a portion of all sales to support research for Alzheimer’s Disease and Cancer) I’ve also been sending Hug Boxes to other friends and family members for birthday gifts, Mother’s Day and other special occasions because they are gifts that give back.

Hugs Boxes are wonderful gifts for men or women. To find out for yourself how cute and cuddly Hugs is, visit http://theseriousteddybear.com/.  My guess is you are going to get a Hugs Box for yourself too.  I know I did. Enjoy!