How Childhood Items Can Relieve Stress in Adulthood

Young adults and grown-ups have many stresses in their life, and it seems like the older you get, the more stress you have. Moving away from child-like objects such as teddy bears and security blankets is a trend society has adopted as you grow older, but why? If these objects gave you comfort when you were younger, shouldn’t they do the same when you’re older? Reminiscing and recalling those childhood memories with your comfort item can relieve your stresses of adulthood temporarily.


For example, there are some business travelers who bring comfort items with them on their trip, such as a favorite childhood T-shirt or a token they’ve held onto since childhood. These items are also used in times of emergency to help calm people. The Oklahoma City National Memorial sent 600 teddy bears in the aftermath of the tragedy that happened in New York on 9/11.

In an informal survey by Psychologist Christopher Peterson, asked how many students brought stuffed animals with them to college. About 250 students said they had a stuffed animal with them in college. While the majority of the audience was female, the males who answered were not ashamed or embarrassed to admit to bringing a stuffed animal with them.

The reason why teddy bears are such great comfort items is because they touch upon some of our core psychological attachments:

  • They are symbols of child-like innocence, makes us reminisce about when you got the bear and who gave it to you. Usually, your mother or father.
  • A soft touch and something plush is extremely powerful. That action and feeling triggers a sigh of relief that helps lower your blood pressure, release calming endorphins in your body and give a moment of peace for the individual.

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