Ready-To-Ship Hugs Boxes

Great gifts for grown-ups - teddy bears for adults - overnight teddy bear delivery

Great gifts for adults - yes, the teddy bear is a great way to show you care - regardless of age! Let's face it, there's a kid in all of us - and even if the kid in you is a little more mature, the plush teddy bear gifts from The Serious Teddy Bear company are wonderful ways to say "I'm thinking of you" or "I love you" or simply "just because". Check out all our ready-to-ship gifts below and if you'd prefer a unique gift, you can make your own gift here.

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Mini Hugs

A New Mini Hug has been born! New to...


Classic Hugs Box

With all that's going on in the world now...


Godiva Hugs Box

What could be more scrumptious and wonderful than sending...


Real Rose Hugs Box

A Winning Combination...A  "Real" Red Rose and "Hugs" There's...


Heartfelt Hugs Box

Heart to heart..."Hugs" brings it all! Perfect to share...


Happy Birthday Hugs Box

Wish them Happy Birthday in a way they'll never...


Feel Better Hugs Box

Whether someone you know is just plain sick or...


Hugs And Kisses Hugs Box

Treat your loved one to a special surprise with...


Love You Hugs Box

Say "I love you" with a gift that lasts:...


Just Because Hugs Box

Send a hug anytime, just because your loved one...


Bereavement Hugs Box

When you can't "bear" to think of someone being...


Flirt Hugs Box

Our Flirt "Hugs" Box makes an impression. Flirtatious and...